Every Now Moment is a Quantum Opportunity

Embrace Your Inner Knowing ~ Create Your Highest Good

Remember Evolve creates individualized sessions and protocols designed to awaken the inner healer, reconnect to inherent intuitive guidance and reclaim sovereign creative power.

We offer intuitive quantum energy healing, intuitive reading, spiritual coaching, etheric parasite and implant removal, energetic attunements, higher sense development coaching and energy attuned pottery. Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Remember Evolve offers in person sessions in our Bellingham healing studio as well as distance sessions over the phone or Skype.

We are here to guide and support you as you awaken into your potential, fall in love with yourself without conditions and release all resistance to receiving your highest good. We offer wholistic tools and services designed to assist you to heal all quantum aspects of your life in the now – for the past, the present and the future!!

Energy Attuned Pottery

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Why I am In Service to Parasites

Why I am In Service to Parasites

One of the most salient lessons that I have learned from my parasite removal work is that I am in service to and collaboration with all beings, including parasitic ones. For those of you that work with me this is not a surprise, but some of you may be scratching your head at this statement! I did not start out with this perspective. When I […]

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Taking Full Responsibility

Taking Full Responsibility

~Blame~ We have all been there: some small irritation manifests in our experience and we immediately respond with thoughts about how its the kids, spouse, roommate, mother, dog, boss or any ‘others’ fault. “If he hadn’t left the keys in the living room instead of their hook, I wouldn’t have stubbed my toe frantically searching for ten minutes” or “if you would just stop looking […]

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Resistance Within the Process of Rapid Evolution

Resistance Within the Process of Rapid Evolution

This planet and all of her life forms are now experiencing a dramatic shift, and evolutionary leap!! In a natural system the process of evolution we are now experiencing occurs effortlessly, painlessly, easy peasy lemon squeezy. Within this parasitic overlay construct, however, this natural process is being interfered with, twisted and distracted from. ~Observe your inner life~ If you are now experiencing high levels of […]

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…I woke up symptom free and have been doing the work of preventing the problem to return with the insight she gave to me. I am incredibly grateful for this healing experience.
~Laura, Washington

… I had been suffering from fear, depression and anxiety for 25 yrs. After Beth’s treatments it felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.
~Penny, USA

…I have known Beth for many years and she’s one of the most honest, nonjudgmental, and genuine people I’ve met. She has an intuition that can’t be denied. She’s been hugely helpful to me with emotional healing, as well as showing me how to access my higher self and put aside my ego. She’s the real deal.
~Scott, North Carolina

…Beth is grounded and very easy to talk to, she puts you at ease instantly. I feel I can totally trust her . Her knowledge of spiritual matters and energy work is very deep, she’s a great teacher and openly shares her knowledge to empower her clients. I would recommend her to anyone.

~Sarah, UK

…I was very impressed by the acurate and insightful work of Beth. Also the follow up care. Thanks Beth.
~Zeca, Portugal

…Thank you Beth Ann for the Amazing clearing session.  The difference after removal was significant and very helpful.  I am looking forward to continuing with you on maintenance care.
~Mary, Minneapolis

…My session with Beth Ann was amazing.  I felt comfortable and safe with her. She is confident, knowledgeable and with awareness in what she is doing. I will continue with maintenance sessions with Beth Ann.  Feels good to have someone who has your back.
~Mila Rae, Wisconsin

Beth is a revelation! She works as a warm hearted professional with not only removal but also helping me to understand how they got there in the first place. She offered welcome guidance and tools to help keep myself clear on my quest towards lasting freedom! Thank You Beth!
~Steve, England

Upon temptations of suicide induced by fear I crossed paths with Beth! Not only did this interaction alleviate my thoughts on suicide but propelled me in a direction towards new heights and evolution.
~Dimitic, USA