How To Maintain Relationship Harmony When The Other Person Is In Negative Field

How To Maintain Relationship Harmony When The Other Person Is In Negative Field

Many of us are feeling a strain within our relationships with those who we feel are unable or unwilling to show up. There is a higher level of discernment necessary as we navigate through our own work, our work for the relationship and that work which is the other persons responsibility. When we are clear and shielded, but our loved ones are not – there is often a targeting of the relationship itself in an attempt to gain access and pull a positively aligned individual into the negative field.

Discerning What is on Your Plate, What is on Theirs?

Clear only where you are led to by the intuitive communication and not beyond. This is usually only that which is outside of their personal field. Know the boundaries about what is on your plate and what is on theirs. If they have interference in their field and you can be effectively separate from it while allowing their struggle, then do. It’s not your job to change their response to their triggers, only your own response.

It all comes down to How You Respond

Through your response adjustment, they are affected – because how can they not be? But a focus on more than yourself and the relationship itself is at best distraction and at worst a trigger point that sucks you in to their field of interference …. Unless they ASK you for help. This invitation to assist does not change your responsibility parameters, but it broadens the scope of what you are able to affect through the powerful energy of invitation to be of service.

Only Attend To the Now Moment

It is especially salient to recognize that you need not be perfect within this response context and that it is not a sudden and dramatic shift. This is all about the aggregation of now moments that accumulate into a tipping point.

You can be free from a negative alignment in this now moment and be satisfied with that until the next now moment and so on until you have so many now moments of free-from-negative-alignment that it becomes a shift, although an expectation set in the future will not serve here. In this now moment you may only reach a 51% vs 49% shift, but that continues to accumulate into a greater and greater amount of now moments and higher vs lower percentages.

Celebrate Your Triumphs, Love Yourself Through Missteps

Celebrate the now moments within which you experience 99% positive alignment and 1% not-so-positive alignment, celebrate anything 51% positive and above! Focus emphatically upon the now moments of sweet, harmonious calibration, loving yourself unconditionally through those now moments where you are in the negative field.
All of these experiences are opportunities for healing, growth and tool building that will continue to show up as conditions until they are met with willingness and surrender to evolve and adapt.

There is No magic pill, it’s all work in the NOW moment.

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