Rejection By Those We Love Who Are In Active Resistance

Rejection By Those We Love Who Are In Active Resistance

Those of us who are the snow plows of conscious and intentional healing, who are showing up in every moment with the deliberate aim to walk and speak their ever-expanding truth will irritate and trigger those who are in resistance.
Most, if not all of us who are consciously remembering and evolving have experienced rejection and vilification by those we love as we move further away from resistance and duality, vibrationally.

~It is Not Personal~
While this feels personally very painful, it is important to remember that it is not personal. Our loved ones cannot offer to us what they have not first given themselves. They are triggered by our boundaries and honesty because they are unaware of their own internal frontier and are fearful of the change that growth brings.

Don’t be surprised if a loved one displays an irrational reaction when you stop engaging in the old patterns. A person who is in pain and resistance to healing it feels a desperate need for those around them to play a role in the old programs (blame, abuse, victimization, projection, rejection) in order to keep them active. They will often throw everything but the kitchen sink at anyone who evolves beyond participating.
A person who is in the non-conscious cycle of a well-worn parasitic program will do anything they can to keep the program running.

Every one of us has to break through our inner resistance, ourselves. When we understand that our loved one is projecting outwardly only what they are experiencing within, we are able to respond instead of react/trigger, offer support instead of defend ourselves, remain removed from the drama rather than sucked into it.

~Honor their Process by Allowing them to Have It~
Some of these relationships will end. We cannot hold on with a white-knuckle grip to anyone and must, at times, allow the paths to diverge. The relationship is offering the exact right thing for each member of it- we have agreed to help each other in this way – up to and including the dissolution of the human relationship. We all learn at some point that trying to force someone to heal on an imposed timeline is a distraction trap. We are not here to awaken others, only to fulfill our own purpose. Through that process we can affect a drastic influence upon the morphogenetic fields of our many collectives.

~We can Only be a Lighthouse~
We know that it is not our job to “wake others up”. So we begin within ourselves at the cornerstone of unconditional Self-Love. Radiant lighthouses of response-ability who remain calm, open-hearted, compassionate and centered through the experience of being vilified, blamed, slandered or rejected. We can only extend this to others if we have first offered it to our own shadow, our own resistant and fearful aspects.
This common experience must have catalyst and growth value, or it would not be so ubiquitous in the relationships of those of us who are intentionally walking the daily, moment-by-moment path of healing, activation, integration and evolution.

Remain vigilant in the awareness of Self. Be as response-able as you can, Observe where the emotions arise, allow yourself to feel the sting of any potential triggers as information about where this offers a chance to go deeper into your own healing funnel. Offer appropriate love and support for your loved one, from a distance if necessary.

~Notice the Opportunity to Transmute Duality~
The true value of this relation-ship (a vehicle through which we relate) experience is in the transmutational power it brings. When we are able to meet this experience with unwavering self-awareness, a willingness to feel, clear/heal and integrate what is inevitably brought up for our own internal healing process and offer calm, loving, firm boundaries to our loved one- we are activating our inner alchemists, transmuting duality into the natural balance of integrated perspective of the High Heart Space.

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