Taking Full Responsibility

Taking Full Responsibility

We have all been there: some small irritation manifests in our experience and we immediately respond with thoughts about how its the kids, spouse, roommate, mother, dog, boss or any ‘others’ fault.

“If he hadn’t left the keys in the living room instead of their hook, I wouldn’t have stubbed my toe frantically searching for ten minutes” or “if you would just stop looking at me with that tone, then I could stop feeling so criticized and then I wouldn’t be so defensive and reactive” or “if everyone would just be on time, then my day will go fine” or “oh great, it’s raining today, I am probably going to struggle to be happy and plus everyone will be driving like nincompoops….sigh”.

These are all examples of blame. It is easy to see where I am going with this…when we engage in any sort of blame related thoughts or feelings as the response to challenge or discomfort it works against our own growth and expansion. This is essentially resistance to the opportunities we ourselves have chosen to support the constant change and deeper expression of our true divine nature.

~The Addiction to being in Victimhood is a Parasitic Program~
As most of you reading this already know, there are systems of control on this planet that are parasitic in nature. These systems have been operating for millennia upon and within every level and aspect of the three dimensional experience of life here. They function to re-direct, co-op, confuse and pathologize our life force in any way they can. We continue to see more and more evidence of this as we are increasingly available to the occulted information through the morphogenetic (morphogenic, morphic) fields connecting us as individuals in a Unified Consciousness. We are Remembering and Evolving on a quantum path that is unfolding around us as we walk upon it.
An example of a tool of the parasitic construct is the ubiquitous program of victimhood/blame. This program encourages us to exempt ourselves from the authority, answerability and power inherent with the alignment and action of being personally responsible for everything that manifests in our reality.
Exempting ourselves is tantamount to giving up our sovereign power and taking responsibility puts us back in command of our own reality and creative potential. When we transmute beyond duality even the parasitic programs are serving us through creating the catalyst for growth and change and showing us exactly where to focus.

~We have Agreed to it Because it Serves… so, How do we Find the Value?~
We can only be influenced or targeted with programs where there is inner work yet to be done. So what is blame and victimhood offering? It is offering its contrast.
What we learn through the transmutation of laying blame into taking responsibility is how to be powerful, dynamic creators of our reality as we accept all of the many challenges instead of resist them. We learn/remember how to ignite the spark of limitless efficacy and birth creative solutions from the void of the all-that-is-not-yet when we honestly, truly, authentically trust that everything in our experience has value for us either as a catalyst for change or as alignment with highest good.
Every time we are able to identify this pattern, call it out, correct it or look for where we will intend to do differently the next time it presents, we are transmuting it at deeper and deeper levels into pure creative power. We have each chosen the challenges we experience in this incarnation because they offer the greatest fortuity to express and demonstrate, to fulfill and know who we really are. Celebrate everything that is progress while honoring the areas where there is still work to do without criticism or judgement.

~Reclaiming Our Potency, Power and Joy through Taking Responsibility~
Every moment in which we do this work of being responsible for how we feel, transmute challenge into opportunity and love ourselves through the process is aggregated into what is called Ascension. This is an essential aspect of the process and offers a quantum leap in activation, both individually as well as for the collectives (plural for the many overlapping fields of collective awareness layers). This will occur organically, whether we choose it Now or not, but the relief and expansion that it offers when done with intention is momentous. The shift from resistance to gratitude that occurs when we choose this offers clarity about who we really are, the perspicuity itself is the dissolution of a dualistic experience of our fomentations. When we accept the challenge, it no longer causes us to suffer.
From the very first now moment of calling ourselves out when we are in the blame program there is a shift in momentum. As we add more and more of these moments and steps into the protocol with intent, the side effects include greater overall peace and well-being, increased communication within relationships, more joy, more gratitude, more flow. Our higher senses become more activated and sensitive, we are available for higher levels of integration and the the sensation of swimming against the current is replaced by a comfortable, undulating orbit through the healing funnel.
When duality dissolves joy becomes abundant. Gratitude is the knee-jerk response. When we are able to be unabashedly responsible for our perspective and manifestations of reality while simultaneously, unconditionally compassionate with ourselves then there is no alchemical magic that we cannot create.

~How Self Worth and Self Love Ties Into healing our Unified Consciousness and why we Should be Self-Centered~
Let us redefine being in the self-centered space as being anchored into the gateway of the open heart. The foundational characteristic of being open-hearted is deeply, firmly anchored, authentic, innocent, pure self-love. We cannot offer beyond ourselves what we have not yet integrated. This is not to be confused with selfishness, which is really a state of feeling in lack. Selfishness does not collaborate with empathy and does not contribute to self-love, rather chips away at it through re-enforcing the perception of distance between ourself and the unified field. Knowing and loving oneself allows for knowing and loving the Unified Self.

Self Love is the pebble thrown into the pond, the choice that radiates and ripples through the collectives, eventually reaching the limits and then moving back towards the impact point – which in turn generates superposition. Therefore the combinations and continuations of these quantum states ultimately impact our morphogenetic fields far beyond ourselves as individual aspects. We choose what of these vast potentials we want to create, Self Love being the highest of these potentials. Self Love alone generates the greatest of further potentials, a perpetual fractal of highest alignment reality.

From this position we will organically extend out this authentic love into the physical, human, street level experience.

We become the greatest potential version of ourselves. From this perspective we are operating from the fullest responsibility, accountability, potency and power. We no longer absolve ourselves from it because we recognize that everything manifests as either alignment with highest good, or a catalyst for the opportunity to align.

Beth Ann Carr, Intuitive Quantum Healer

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  1. Heidi says:

    I resonate with this so deeply. I enjoy the different way that you have separated Self love from selfish. Being self centered allows for us to come from our own strength in what we offer to ourselves and others. This is a helpful resource to have for reflection.
    Thank you for sharing your work with us all.

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