Why I am In Service to Parasites

Why I am In Service to Parasites

One of the most salient lessons that I have learned from my parasite removal work is that I am in service to and collaboration with all beings, including parasitic ones.

For those of you that work with me this is not a surprise, but some of you may be scratching your head at this statement! I did not start out with this perspective. When I first consciously discovered the parasitic influence in my life, the knee jerk reaction was to protect myself and fight. I was not necessarily fearful, but I was certainly angry and I went to war.

Recalling the first time I felt compassion for a parasite I was removing from a client: this being was suffering and very afraid of me, the feeling of empathy took me by surprise and instigated a deep investigation. What I discovered beyond this dualistic experience, beyond the separation, is that all of life is connected. From this perspective I could easily find gratitude for the parasites, even if only for being the ones who experience the most separation/suffering. Through gratitude, I found that I could have sympathy and compassion for even these most heinous and badly behaved members of the extended family.

In the hierarchical parasitic system, the bottom tier of low-level parasites includes beings that were Source connected. These are life forms that have become parasitic through targeting, indoctrination and infection. Many of these beings are asking for help, much in the same way that fractured spirit aspects (ghosts) are seeking help. They will feed until they receive this opportunity to defect, but happily and easily do so when it is offered. Some of us look like a bright flame of help and hope in the darkness, which can be easily misinterpreted when we discover hundreds of low level feeders in our field!

What has evolved from this expanded awareness is that I am no longer at war. I no longer shield myself from parasitic influence- as I have discovered that where I am targeted and interfered with is valuable, real-time information for my own ongoing, ever-deepening, personal healing work. Shielding can be helpful at the beginning of our process, there is a benefit to that step in the experience, but it can also become a trap of distraction and will eventually foster separation from the complete experience of growth and collaborative connection. The process of dealing with parasites organically evolves in concordance with our wholistic evolution through density, the result of honest inner work. We do not have to be at war or self-protective to the point of isolation in response to the parasitic influence in our lives. There is another option: to work WITH the value in the influence.

When we are perceiving from the third dimensional, dualistic perspective, it makes sense to feel victimized, angry and self-protective. When we move into a perception from beyond 3-D there is an authentic and natural shift into the recognition of how equally valuable all beings are, how we are in a collaboration with parasites to expand, evolve and (re)connect.

I could not have grown in the ways that I have without the information gleaned from how I am targeted and interfered with. This expansion of awareness is my protection, my shield.

Beth Ann Carr
Intuitive Quantum Energy Healer

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