Rates & Packages

Remember Evolve healing services rates:

$111 for 60 minutes with either Beth Ann or Darrin
$144 for 90 minutes with either Beth Ann or Darrin

$155 for 60 minutes with both practitioners
$200 for 90 minutes with both practitioners

For acute need of support or intensive inner healing work, we highly encourage jumstarting the process with four sessions in a row – as close together as four days in succession or as spaced out as one per week. This allows for continuity of momentum in the specific areas of focus to maximize healing potential and create focused space for transformation in consciousness. As with any healing facilitation, where the client meets the work with commitment and responsive intention decides the level of healing potential and potency that is reached. Four consecutive sessions is highly effective for breaking through resistance and patterns/programs that are hindering to natural healing progression.

Our healing packages are specifically designed to accelerate healing and maximize potential. One session is capable of (and often does) creating enough movement to manifest big shifts, however much healing is done incrementally, to allow for integration and practical application of adjustments. Our healing packages offer intensive, momentum driven, guided healing with the perfect balance of integration time.

Superhuman Package-$444
Consultation plus 4 sessions in 4 weeks- individually created just for you. This package maximizes healing potential with a succession of weekly sessions specifically designed to activate the greatest expansion in consciousness, awaken inherent extra-sensory abilities and support healing. Package includes a 90 minute etheric parasite and implant removal session, 90 minute follow-up removal and quantum energy healing session plus two 60 minute sessions that may include combinations of quantum energy healing, energetic attunements, removal coaching, spiritual coaching and intuitive reading. Also included, bi-weekly evening check-ins with your practitioner during the course of your package.

Parasite Removal Package- $244
Consultation, 90 minute etheric parasite and implant removal, 90 minute follow up removal, energy attunement and quantum energy healing within 2 weeks of initial removal session. Includes bi-weekly evening check-ins with your practitioner during the two week course of the package.

Four Sessions Package- $432
Consultation and four 90 minute sessions of your choice, to share with your loved ones or as a loving investment in your own healing journey- you get to decide!

Packages must be prepaid and used within 5 months.