Beth Ann & Darrin

This is a personal introduction to Beth Ann and Darrin of Remember Evolve.

Darrin grew up in Eastern Washington state, a sensitive and intuitive artist from the start. He moved west to attend art school as a young adult, where he learned to create pottery and to paint. He has always met the standard checklist of starseed/lighworker qualities and has therefore always had an ambient current of purpose for seeking truth and growth running through his life. At the turn of the century he met a naturopathic doctor who had intuitive healing gifts and introduced Darrin to quantum healing potential. He eventually pursued Usui Reiki teaching and is attuned to the Master Teacher level. When he met Beth Ann in the spring of 2013 he was prepared to launch into the quantum adventure of his life. Darrin is an intuitive alchemical engineer who creates protocols and tools that support and facilitate wholistic healing and activation of highest potential. He is also a medical intuitive and specializes in energy healing with animals.

Beth Ann
Beth Ann was born two miles high in a tiny Colorado Rocky Mountain mining town. Her mother was a christian science practitioner (essentially an energy healer, although she would not have described it that way) which offered Beth Ann an early awareness of the occulted metaphysical components of reality. She came in to this life with highly activated emotional sensitivity and the intuitive ability to move energy. Although she was consciously unaware as a child that she was doing that when she hugged someone, she eventually came full-circle to the understanding that her natural affinity for quantum healing and energy movement are inherent and that she has done this work in many incarnations. When she met Darrin in late March of 2013 she was in a heart of darkness, a deep rejection of the human experience sprouted from the growing perception that something is deeply wrong with the living conditions on this planet. This heart of darkness was the perfect primordial condition for the expansion and activations that were ignited by the union. Beth Ann is an intuitive quantum energy healer and spiritual coach who specializes in guiding the wholistic activation of highest potential in healing, growth, expansion and integration for her clients.

Beth Ann & Darrin
They met in late March and married in early April of 2013, because when you feel this intensity of recognition and life purpose potential, why wait? It was from the moment of their coming together (and continues to the present) that they both began experiencing intense energetic activations, reconnections with guide aspects and cosmic family, reclamation of forgotten abilities, accelerated inner healing and a deepening, intentional connection to both prime creator and the earth. The union between Beth Ann and Darrin quickly developed into a catalyzing adventure, an unimaginatively wondrous journey of remembering the shared purpose as members of the support team here on planet earth. As facilitators for the process of this current collective ascension through density and dimension, they were activated by coming together. Two volunteers for, observers and co-creators of the epic manifestation of the unified, collective transcendence in consciousness.

Darrin was a newly certified Usui Reiki Teacher and Beth Ann was his first student. As her study in energy movement for healing began, they focused together upon the conscious activation of her inborn, intuitive, energetic healing aptitude. Through the co-development of their unique and shared gifts and facilitation for each other in their own inner work, a powerful, collaborative alchemical process emerged. It is this collaboration that is the foundation of the transformative work they do at Remember Evolve: guiding clients through the activation of their gifts, awakening the powerful inner healer/guide and remembering who they are as potent creator beings.