Energy Attuned Pottery

At Remember Evolve we have perceived that a piece of art can evolve beyond much more than it’s final aesthetic. Darrin’s process begins with the intention to connect with the energy of creation itself. Through this connection and alignment with the creation force he brings functional, beautiful healing tools to life to share with humanity. Darrin has been an artist since he can remember. He is a painter, potter, energy intuitive and alchemical engineer. Darrin’s passion for pottery has been re-ignited through the marriage of his intuitive/healing gifts and artistic skill as a painter/potter. Remember Evolve creates energetically attuned pieces of art which are also functional tools that contribute to an atmosphere of healing and transmutation, support wholistic health and are designed to interact with food and people during the daily routine.

Each multi-frequency attuned piece of stoneware radiates five Usui Reiki frequencies as well as Transmutational, Creation and Divine Feminine energy. The attunement process is a ceremony of infusing the healing energy frequencies into the pottery itself at the final glaze firing when cone 8 temperature is reached. Each kiln firing is infused with an additional, batch specific intention. The pottery and its frequencies are combined inextricably, even if a piece is broken it will emit these frequencies forever.

Some other fun ides for how to use your attuned pottery:

* Place any item in your mug or bowl overnight: your phone, makeup, snacks, essential oils, medication, vitamins…

* Place under bed at night

* Charge crystals and bath water

* Hold a mug/bowl with the opening aimed at chakras, acupoints and body parts as you do clearing or energy work

* Amplification of other healing tools, support for healing sessions and readings

See the Etsy link below to learn more about how you can have one of these pieces in your healing collection.