Energy Attunements

Energetic Attunements – $200

An energetic attunement is a process through which a person is infused and ‘made one with’ with a specific energetic frequency. There are as many ways to achieve attunement as there are specific energy frequencies to attune to. An organic attunement can occur spontaneously through an individuals wholistic growth process or through the intention to remember and evolve. We may also seek attunements offered by facilitators who are themselves attuned to the frequency we resonate with. Such facilitation also offers guidance and insight into how to utilize the energy.

Remember and Evolve offers attunements to Usui Reiki levels one through four, Golden Source Energy, Prime Creator/Void Energy, Divine Feminine Energy and Transmutational Energy.

An Attunement is a 120 minute session (distance or in person) that includes a downloadable information packet, individualized one-on-one guidance for how to understand, access and utilize the energy and the attunement ceremony itself.