Etheric Parasite and Implant Removal

Parasite and Implant Removal is etheric surgery that can offer a clean slate from the effects of parasite attachments and implant technology by
*quieting the monkey mind
*clearing thought processes
*restoring natural parasympathetic nervous system response
*balancing targeted physical systems
*removing energetic and emotional blockages
*restoring overall balance

Every removal session is unique, but all removal sessions follow a general structure. The session begins with a chat about your preparation for removal, including the protections and self observation of triggers. We will connect energetically and then your facilitator will begin a scan of the physical and etheric body, the layers of the energy body and the astral field around you to locate any parasites or implant technology across lifetimes and timelines, densities and dimensions. As each attachment is located your practitioner will describe its location, often also determining its purpose and then remove it. The life force energy that has been co-opted through the attachments is returned to you, where it is then purified and reabsorbed. The parasites, implants and miasma signature are all returned to Prime Source. We will finish the session with a balancing of the energetic systems of the body, a reconnection to planet and Source energy and talk about your specific and individual aftercare requirements.

This service provides a clean slate from the multitude of ways that this interference keeps a person in negative patterns and programs. We must also have a strong daily protocol of intentional protection after removal. It is recommended that an individual creates a protective shield of Source energy armor a minimum of twice daily post removal, as well as after any trigger episode where we are lowered in vibration making us available for interference. Shielding ourselves through high-vibrational alignment in every now moment is the ultimate protection and becomes automatic and ambient as we work with our parasitic experiences to heal.