I went to Beth during a time of strange health problems which conventional medicine seemed unable to heal. During our Reiki session, she guided me through purging a very orange, toxic substance from my abdomen, through the breath. She spent a great deal of time doing energy work wherever her intuition guided her, and helped me to identify what was causing this problem in the first place. The next day I woke up symptom free and have been doing the work of preventing the problem to return with the insight she gave to me. I am incredibly grateful for this healing experience.~ Laura, Washington

I was so struck by Beth Ann’s accuracy during my session with her. She was spot-on with my physical health symptoms and energetic parasites, and she even tuned into the energetic issues I was having with my husband, home, and children. When she described my higher self, it was exactly what I’ve been seeing. It was extremely validating to have that kind of confirmation. Makes me want to listen extra close when she recommends oils or practices. ~Nichole, Louisiana

I received etheric parasite removal and removal coaching from Beth Ann Carr. It was one of the best things I have ever had done for myself. I had been suffering from fear, depression and anxiety for 25 yrs. After Beth’s treatments it felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. She gave me a beautiful gift, my life back. ~Penny, USA

I have known Beth for many years and she’s one of the most honest, nonjudgmental, and genuine people I’ve met. She has an intuition that can’t be denied. She’s been hugely helpful to me with emotional healing, as well as showing me how to access my higher self and put aside my ego. I can honestly say that my life is better for having known her, and I feel I can’t thank her properly for all she’s done for me over the years. She’s the real deal. ~Scott, North Carolina

I first contacted Beth Ann after implant removal and I’ve also had intuitive readings. Beth is grounded and very easy to talk to, she puts you at ease instantly and I feel I can totally trust her. Her knowledge of spiritual matters and energy work is very deep, she’s a great teacher and openly shares her knowledge to empower her clients. I would recommend her to anyone.
~Sarah, UK

I was very impressed by the acurate and insightful work of Beth. Also the follow up care of the consultation, that made me fill assured, acompanied by her availability. Thanks Beth. ~Zeca, Portugal

Thank you Beth Ann for the Amazing clearing session.  I really appreciated that you listened to my awareness of the problem and then proceeded to find those parasites and two more and removed them.  The difference after removal was significant and very helpful.  I am looking forward to continuing with you on maintenance care.  We are all here for each other and to help each other out and I trust you and the work you do.  Namaste !!!
~Mary, Minneapolis

My session with Beth Ann was amazing.  I felt comfortable and safe with her.  She easily found the parasites that were blocking me, removed them and allowed them to transition into something useful.  She is confident, knowledgeable and with awareness in what she is doing.  She came upon something she had not seen before and approached it with her inner wisdom from a loving space and it turned out to be something that was assisting me.  Destroying it would not have been useful.   I will continue with maintenance sessions with Beth Ann.  Feels good to have someone who has your back.
~Mila Rae,  Wisconsin

Beth is a revelation! She works as a warm hearted professional with not only removal but also helping me to understand how they got there in the first place. She offered welcome guidance and tools to help keep myself clear on my quest towards lasting freedom! Thank You Beth! ~Steve, England

Upon temptations of suicide induced by, fear I crossed paths with Beth! Not only did this interaction alleviate my thoughts on suicide but propelled me in a direction towards new heights and evolution.~ Dimitic, USA