Spiritual Coaching and Intuitive Reading

This service is very individualized and can be focused on and include anything from insight into current challenges, communication with aspects of Self/Guides/loved ones, releasing and clearing trauma, discovering ones life purpose, assistance with the reclamation of Sovereignty, guidance through shadow work, facilitation of remembering parallel incarnations, connecting and aligning with Highest/Inner Self, integration with higher/lower/parallel aspects of self and walk-ins, activation and strengthening of Intuitive Discernment, clarity in ones karmic cycles, recognition, activation and empowering of ones inherent gifts and abilities.

In connecting energetically to a client Beth Ann is able to receive information visually (clairvoyance) in the form of images, symbols or scenes, audibly (clairaudience) in the form of spoken words or sound symbology and through sensing and knowing (clairsentience) the messages and information that is appropriate and helpful to assist the client with the current challenge. Beth connects through her Higher/Inner Self to communicate with guides, aspects of Self and loves ones to answer questions and provide information or insight.
No two coaching/reading sessions are alike, as each session unfolds as is intuitively guided by the clients Higher/Inner Self. Clients are encouraged to ask questions during an intuitive reading, however there are times that a specific question will not be answered if it is not for the clients highest good at that point on their path.